why dont humans have a specific noise that means “there are bees here lets leave immediately” why are elephants more advanced than us

we do have a specific noise, it sounds like this:

“there are bees here lets leave immediately”

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Gushers sandwich with Fruit by the Foot as bread.

This is it. This is what I became an adult for. To be able to go down to the grocery store, buy a box of fruit by the foot and a box of gushers and make this and not have anyone tell me I can’t.

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You had ONE job, Tom. ONE JOB.

Oh it’s back.

and…no ones going to comment on Tom Hiddleston talking about how MARVELOUSorgasms are.

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Why Alysia Montano wears a flower in her hair during every race.

Even though she grew up playing football, shooting hoops and running races against all the boys in her neighborhood, U.S. 800-meter champion Alysia Montano never wanted to be thought of as one of them.

As a result, she started wearing a flower behind her right ear to remind the boys they were getting beat by a girl.

The flower remains Montano’s trademark even though her opponents are now world-class female middle-distance runners.

"The flower to me means strength with femininity," Montano said in June after winning the 800 at the U.S. Olympic trials. "I think that a lot of people say things like you run like a girl. That doesn’t mean you have to run soft or you have to run dainty. It means that you’re strong."

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If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

that’s really inspiring

holy fucking shit

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A grape, wearing a raspberry.

I am froot.


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Say what you want about Donna but to me, she was incredibly insightful, and I still think she was the smartest companion.

she’s the perfect example of someone who was called stupid so many times that she actually believed it

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People who use a lack of education to justify subjecting poor people to poverty are fucking revolting. They’ve invented a system wherein poor people cannot obtain a quality education because they are poor and then they use that lack of education to justify their continued poverty. It’s self-sustaining, vile, oppressive, and a fundamental tenet of modern American conservativism.

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